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We are dedicated to assisting homeowners and businesses in protecting their most valuable assets combined with offering only the highest levels of customer service. Our dedicated staff will make sure that you are satisfied with every step of the process. Our number one goal is to make you, the customer happy!

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Residential and Commercial Roofing – Hail fall? Severe winds? Neighbors getting their roofs replaced? Missing shingles? LEAKS? These are just some of the identifying factors that you may have suffered damage to your homes roofing system. Without needing to be said, your roof is one of the largest components of the exterior of your home and one that protects you from the elements.

Siding & Gutters

Here at Lifetime Quality Roofing and Storm Restoration, we make sure that all of the components of your home perform separately as its own individual system and as a whole. This includes the siding and gutters of your home.

Emergency Services

We strive in being there for you and your family in every situation, from restoring storm damage, to retail improvements, to emergency services. In any event you can expect prompt, professional, and quality work from all persons associated with Accredited Contractors.


Have you recently noticed fogging or white build up on your windows? This can be caused by your windows having broken or deteriorated seals. Once this happens, you need new ones. So why not just go down to the nearest hardware store and pay to have some installed? Because it costs a fortune, but with our preferred customer pricing, we can do it for almost ½ of what the large corporations are charging. And guess what? We use the EXACT SAME WINDOWS!!!


Our commercial department covers damage for businesses and non-profit organizations such as churches, fire stations, and the like. We also work hand in hand with Licensed Insurance Adjusters and Civil Engineers to make sure the work is done above and beyond what basic code requires. It’s not enough just to have the job done, we do it right!

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