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The Importance of the Right Type of Roofer

There are many types of roofers, it seems everyone has a pickup truck, fancy business cards and promises homeowners the world. That’s until they fail to show up, stick you with a big bill or disappear from your roof to go start another. We hear about it way too frequently. Sadly, there are a lot of sketchy companies out there. We’re an award-winning storm damage roofing company with great reviews on the popular platforms.

We specialize in Insurance Covered Roof Replacements

Getting homeowners new warrantied roofs is the focus of our business. It requires a special skill set most other roofing contractors don't have. We have an entire department of full-time trained employees who know how to work with your insurance company to get the claim approved and the new roof replacement process started. It’s not hard for us. We pride ourselves in guiding our homeowners through the process and making it easy. Many roofs are replaced in 1-2 days.

Save 90%+ Off the Retail Cost of a New Roof

Why spend way more than you must? You’ve been paying on the insurance policy; we know how to work with your insurance company and save you up to 90% off the retail cost of a new roof. Saving you big money on roofing is what we do, and we love it!

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We offer no cost, no obligation roof inspections for both residential and commercial properties. Our trained inspector will get on the roof, look for qualifying damage and present the findings to you. Contact free appointments are available. We make the new roof process easy!

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We're the roofer who specializes in storm damaged roof replacements! Save up to 95% off the retail price of a new roof!

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